Pink Floyd T-shirts July 18 2017

With a V&A retrospective, what better time to adorn yourself with one of our Pink Floyd t-shirts?

Barry. August 19 2014

It can be lonely work in the Dicky Ticker Gulag, not much company but the odd alarm when pressing the wrong button, or garbled drunken shouts from 'outside'. A least miners had budgies for company.


So it's with barely contained yips of delight that Barry, our resident pet tortoise, was welcomed into the only dry box in the cell. Barry-Suarez (to give him his full name, due to a deceptively strong bite), is a loving smiling companion, with a barely contained lust for nibbling humans. Presumably this characteristic was what got him sent here, but it is a place where he is finally amongst friends. 


Check out our tribute Barry t-shirt before someone notices.




Geek T-shirts August 10 2014

Character T-Shirts for Geek Chic

Geek cultures is well and truly making a comeback, we don’t know whether it’s to do with the world craze for American laugh track sitcom The Big Bang Theory, because of our deep rooted love for geeky games or simply because we cannot get enough of geek inspired t shirts. Character T shirts and funny t-shirts are a quintessential part of geek culture and now geek is hailed as chic, it’s time to get involved, pull out all the stops and buy your t-shirts online.

Geek T-shirts

Geek t-shirts cover a wide range of options, you can go for comedy gold with funny t-shirts or opt for character t-shirts, movie t-shirts and vintage classic t-shirts. Superhero t-shirts are one of the hottest trends in geek culture. Superman, batman and comic book marvels now come in adult sizes and don’t just stop at age 10. This is a sure sign that geek culture is well established in modern society and we are loving the chance to wear these t-shirts in our adulthood.

Geek Movies

Some of the most popular geek trends making the best use of character t-shirts come from vintage movies and TV. Doctor Who, Star Wars, ET and other classic movies all make for great geek style. New geek style is on the rise every day. After the mayhem that followed Game of Thrones a Red Wedding t-shirt hit the shelves almost the very next day.

Funny Ha Ha

Funny t-shirts seem to also be moving away from beer and boob jokes and now are starting to appeal to our more intellectual side. Science jokes and vintage technology for gamers is also making its way into the mainstream. Pac man has enjoyed a rebirth, Darwin is suddenly cool to sport on your shirt and the periodic table is certainly making a comeback. We love it, funny t-shirts that show dry wit and intelligence are a step forward in evolution. Geek culture we salute you!