Morrissey T-shirt


Our Morrissey t-shirt shows the essence of the Moz mystique; chin,quiff. Made to celebrate the publication of Moz’s Autobiography on Penguin Classics, another genius stroke of self-promotion.

Compiling a list of facts on "our Frank", is a little like describing the taste of cheese â€_easy to experience, but hard to define. But we’ll try our best with this biscuit assortment…

  • “That man must be a misanthrope indeed in whose breast something like a jovial feeling is not roused â€_… by Christmasâ€_ And what would Charles Dickens have made of Morrissey- “I try to ignore the whole thing… you have to survive, and endure it.â€_Bah!
  • Football. Despite appearing like a sport weary bookworm, Moz has expressed his interest in football on many an occasion. Although he attended some Man Utd matches as a child, his declares no specific allegiance, declaring to attend “any game that seems descentâ€_ and is “freeâ€_ The early 1990s saw a interest in Tranmere Rovers, presumably due to a midfielder called John Morrissey.The late 1990s saw love for West Ham for no more reason than Morrissey’s liking for the East End band Cockney Rejects. in 2005, having befriended striker Kevin Gallen (“email friendsâ€_, he supported Queen’s Park Ranger, receiving a custom number 10 shirt with ‘Mozaliniâ€_on the rear. The likening for non-league football parallels his interest in Britian’s vanishing working-class culture, something to be nostalgic about â€_a nostalgia that is no endless played upon by TV broadcasters, and foreign oligarchs.
  • If you take a look at our George Harrison tee on Dicky Ticker you’ll see how George, and The Beatles, quite liked George Formby, as does Morrissey. Nominating him as the best male singer of 1985 in an NME poll (despite Formby dying in 1961), Moz enthused about the Lancastrian humour of songs such as ‘Why Don’t Women Like Me?â€_â€_‘Now I know I’m not handsome, no good looks or wealth / But the girls I chase say my plain face will compromise their healthâ€_
  • Morrissey believes in ghosts. Apparently, his family home, in Stretford, was haunted, and he spied an apparition in the kitchen, and walking up the stairs. During the early days of The Smiths, Moz lived in a rented flat in Kensington, where he would often feel “chillsâ€_when leaving the bathroom, despite “having the heating really highâ€_ In his Autobiography, Morrissey describes driving through Saddleworth Moor with friends in 1989, where they all saw a small grey figure “pleadingâ€_into the headlights; “we drove past because we all instinctive knew he was a spiritâ€_
  • Flowers. Some of Morrissey’s, and The Smiths, most iconic images involve flowers, especially varieties of daffodils. Such was the identification of flowers, with The Smiths, that gigs began to become dangerous, due to the shear amount of slippery leafage underfoot, and risk of receiving an untimely stalk to the face. A typical Smiths rider in 1984 requested “flowers to the approximate value of £50 sterling, including gladioli, no roses or flowers with thornsâ€_ graduating to “a live tree with minimum height of 3ft, and a maximum height of 5ftâ€_ Legend recalls that The Smithsâ€_tour manager carried a small saw in a briefcase, should the specifications be exceeded.